Pediatric Oral Surgery & Sedation in Murrieta, Hemet & Chino Hills CA

pediatric surgery Murrieta CAPediatric oral surgery is sometimes required if your child damages their teeth or gums. It may be as simple as a tooth extraction or as complex as exposing and bonding an impacted tooth. Any pediatric oral surgery is complicated by the patient’s age. Young children are often afraid of dental procedures. We understand that pediatric oral surgery is distressing for parents and children. We always strive to make any procedure pain-free, reducing stress for everyone.

Drs. Pulsipher and Lee are adept at working with children of all ages, making them feel comfortable, answering their questions in terms they understand, and offering reassurance throughout all procedures.

We offer various levels of sedation for pediatric oral surgery based on the complexity of the procedure, the extent of the condition being treated, and your child’s needs. Options include local anesthesia, IV sedation (sometimes called Twilight Sleep), and general anesthesia. Your child is carefully monitored throughout any oral surgery procedure using anesthesia or sedation.

Pediatric Tooth Extractions

tooth extraction chino hills CA

Baby teeth may need extraction if cracked, loose, impacted, or severely decayed. Some older children may need teeth extracted before getting braces or aligners to ensure there is enough room for their straightened teeth. At Rancho Oral and Facial Surgery, we remove pediatric teeth only when absolutely necessary. In most instances, we use IV sedation for your child’s comfort and safety.

Exposure and Bond

Sometimes a tooth becomes “stuck” in the jawbone and cannot erupt or is trapped at an angle. This commonly occurs when a child’s permanent canine teeth do not erupt, although any tooth can be affected. When this happens, a tooth exposure and bonding procedure may be needed to pull the tooth into the proper position.

Exposure and bond surgery exposes the tooth through a surgical incision. Some of the surrounding bone may also need removal. Once the tooth is exposed, a bracket and wire or chain attach the tooth to adjacent teeth, gently pulling the tooth into position over time. Children are sedated for this procedure, which usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Oral Biopsy

Your child may be referred to Rancho Oral and Facial Surgery for a biopsy if there is evidence of abnormal tissue growth in the mouth or jaws. It may be a lump, patchy white or red spots, or a lesion not caused by injury. It is essential to understand that your child’s oral biopsy is needed to rule out cancer or other diseases. However, in most cases, any abnormalities are benign. During a biopsy, a small incision is made to remove a portion of the affected area. The tissue sample is then sent to a pathologist who will examine it for signs of disease.

Other Pediatric Oral Surgeries

While exposure and bond and tooth extractions are the most common reasons for oral surgery in children, other issues can affect your child’s oral health and may need surgical intervention, including:

  • Supernumerary teeth, or extra teeth, can push your child’s teeth out of alignment or become impacted
  • Broken or crushed jawbone or facial bones
  • Early tooth eruption leading to irritated gums or infections
  • Odontogenic infection of the jawbone, tooth socket, or face
  • Structural abnormalities of the jawbone or facial bones
  • Frenectomy, or cutting of excess tissue to relieve tongue-tie or lip-tie

Anesthesia & Sedation for Kids

We offer pediatric oral surgery in Murrieta, Hemet, and Chino Hills, CA, for our pediatric patients, allowing parents to choose a convenient location. At all sites, we offer various anesthesia and sedation options for children of all ages. These may include:

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthesia numbs the immediate area of the mouth for oral surgery procedures. It is used in conjunction with other types of anesthesia for all oral surgery on children.

Hospital Based Anesthesia

For highly complex surgical intervention, including jawbone reconstruction, your child’s surgery may be performed at a hospital. An anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia and carefully monitor your child’s vital signs throughout surgery. We may suggest hospital-based surgery for specific procedures or if your child has heart or lung problems that could be impacted by anesthesia.

IV Anesthesia

For lengthy or complex pediatric oral surgery, IV anesthesia is typically used. Drs. Pulsipher and Lee use IV anesthesia for most pediatric oral surgery. Your child is unconscious during the procedure, eliminating anxiety and pain. If your child suffers from extreme dental anxiety or is in severe pain, IV anesthesia may be recommended for even simple treatments.

Parents understandably worry when oral surgery is needed for their child. Drs. Pulsipher and Lee are available to answer your and your child’s questions before and after surgery. If you have concerns or want to schedule a consultation, please contact our office at Murrieta Office Phone Number 951-600-7457.

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