If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Dr. Pulsipher is an awesome oral surgeon. He makes sure you don't feel pain during the procedure. He is a doctor you can trust. Absolutely have your dental procedures at Rancho Oral and Facial Surgery!!”
– Annabelle M.

“I had the best experience. All the staff either at their Hemet or Murrieta location were so nice and professional. Dr. Pulsipher is by far the best oral surgeon I have met. He knows how to build rapport with his patients, he treated me as if we’ve known each other before even though we only met once! I had a wonderful time and experience with everyone.”
– Kieth B.

“First time visiting Rancho Oral and it was an amazing experience. The people in the front office were patient and kind. They answered all my questions and made sure I was taken care of. I was so impressed with Dr. Pulsipher. He understood my medical condition and was able to explain to me from a medical and dental view of what needed to be done. He didn’t rush me out of the office and took all the time I needed to answer my questions and my family questions. Great first visit!!!”
– George V.

“Dr. Pulsipher is both a dentist and an oral surgeon. He is kind and explains the procedures he is going to do. The office is extremely well organized and well run. My experience here thus far has been excellent. Nobody wants to have oral surgery done, but if you have to, this is the place to go to. Both the doctor and his staff are very nice and comforting.”
– Rebecca R.

“I really like Rancho Oral & Facial Surgery facility. The doctor is very knowledgeable and had my best interest at heart; he explained the whole procedure to me and how we will move forward. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and spent time to make me an appointment in just a few days. I would recommend this place to everyone.”
– Casandra H.

“Excellent; staff was very friendly and helpful. The wait time was minimal, the paperwork can be completed before you get there. I was very pleased to find out I have a choice on whether I stay awake or not.  I am a stay awake person, so I liked that. The oral surgeon was nice, explained what was going to happen, asked if I had any questions, actually answered them. REFRESHING to actually be seen as a person. I will be seeing them again! Thank you for the service you are providing.”
– Joanne R.

“This is one of the most professional, organized offices I've EVER been to. I'm medically compromised, and they took care of my needs with compassion and absolute professionalism. Thank you to Dr. Pulsipher and the wonderful team he has assembled!”
– Justine P.

“My daughter was seen by Dr. Pulsipher to have her bicuspids and an impacted canine removed in preparation for Phase Two ortho two weeks ago. Everyone was very welcoming in the office and made my girl feel safe and they eased my nerves. The procedure went as planned and we were sent home with everything we needed. She is healing wonderfully, and I would recommend this office to everyone!”
– Alisha R.

“Thank you for being so kind and friendly and efficient in solving my oral surgery needs!! I will certainly recommend Rancho Oral Surgery to all our family and friends!! My thanks again. Dr Pulsipher was great!”
– Joy F.

“I had no concerns when I took my son to get all four wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Pulsipher is so kind and patient and very comforting! My son wasn't nervous at all; the surgery was quick and when he got in the car, he felt great! Wouldn't trust anyone else with me or my family’s oral surgery needs!!”
– Charity P.